Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Project for February

My daughter Diana and I went shopping at Joanns and Hancock's today, and she spotted some space-themed fabric that she just fell in love with. She asked me if I could make something with them, and I suggested a Professional Tote from the Creative Thimble. Perfect!
So we headed home, and headed down to the sewing room together. With a Mythbusters marathon playing in the background, we worked together to get the many pieces cut out, fused and sewn in far less time than I thought.

Doesn't she look happy? It was like Christmas for her. She kept looking at the bag in progress and mumbling about how awesome it was. You know, there's really nothing better for one's self-esteem than hearing your teenage daughter gushing over your skills.

The bag has many different pockets, inside and out. I'd made the bag once before, which helped make it go faster. The pattern calls for drawstrings and cord locks for the two end-panel pockets; instead, I put elastic in the hem casing. I also didn't interface those pockets; they are much more flexible without the Decor-Bond, which is quite stiff.

The inside has a large central zippered pocket, plus a flap pocket on one side and an open pocket with key fobs on the other. She insisted that I put one of my labels in the bag, so she could show it off to her friends tomorrow.

It's a pretty neat pattern, and I already have fabrics picked out to make two more. Start to finish, it was about four and a half hours. It also helped a lot that I have an industrial straight stitch; some of those seams are really bulky!


  1. Fabulous Welmoed!

    Welcome to the blogoshpere :)

  2. Cute bag and total success when you please a teenage daughter!

  3. Cute bag! I ordered the pattern after I saw your first one when you posted on Creative Machine....welcome to blogland :-)

  4. I like the blog and will follow you. Glad to see you are making more Professional totes. I have one cut out and another planned. Right now I am concentrating on clothes for job interviews. I thought baout blogging- but i need a job first!


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