Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey! Fancy Pants!

My daughter spotted some flannel on sale at JoAnn's, and asked me to make her some pajama pants. No problem; that's what PatternMaster is for. However, she also asked me to match the style of an existing pair of pants she likes. And it had... welt pockets?? On pajamas??? Oy. But I was up for the challenge.
Here's the inside of the completed pants:

The interesting part of it was, the instructions I have for welt pockets kind of assume that you're doing a horizontal welt and a square pocket bag. For these pants, the welt is on an angle and the pocket bag is shaped more like a traditional trouser pocket. An interesting challenge, and it only took me one wrong try to figure it out (love my seam ripper!).

Diana loves them and has already asked for another pair. Here's a close-up of the welt pocket:

A little hard to see the details because the welt is made of the same fabric as the pants. They look a lot like regular old in-seam pockets that you would expect to find on pajama pants, but these really look a lot nicer. I'm going to have to try adding them to more projects in lieu of regular in-seam pockets.

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