Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's official... I'm addicted!

I have now made three bags using the Creative Thimble's Professional Tote pattern. This is an addiction!! The newest incarnation was made with fabrics from Kaufman's new "You've Got the Notions!" line of Project Runway inspired prints, with a stash fabric thrown in for contrast.

The straps were modified slightly so I could cut them from the spool-patterned fabric. I also reduced the amount of Decor Bond used in the straps; rather than fusing it to the entire width of the strap, only the center half was interfaced. This made it MUCH easier to sew.
Another modification was using elastic in the top of the side pleated pockets, rather than the drawcord and cord locks called for in the pattern. I also omitted the interfacing on these side pockets, making them more flexible.

The back side of the tote. It's impossible to see in this picture, but above the contrast pocket is a strip of fabric that can slip over the handle of a rolling tote, making it ideal for travel. I plan to test this strap on my upcoming trip to Puyallup!

The inside has multiple pockets, and I also added one more for good measure. The pattern calls for one key fob and I decided to add two. No particular reason; I just wanted to.

I'm already planning a fourth bag, but it will be a gift so I won't post about it until after it's been presented.


  1. I love your tote bags. I have the pattern and fabric, and am anxious to start one. I do have to order Decor Bond though. Thanks for posting pictures and comments about that bag here, and at Creative Machine.

  2. Nice! I got a shock when I saw the lining. The sight of spilt pins scattered inside seems all too familar. LOL!

  3. How long was the elastic for the side pocket?

    1. I didn't actually measure it... maybe 6 inches? I wanted it to be snug enough so nothing I put in it would be in danger of falling out. I inserted elastic into the casing formed by the contrast material, and pulled it taut. The extended length of the elastic should match the width of the pocket top. Hope this answers your question!


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