Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Costumes are Done!*

*Well, 95% done. I just need to find something to embellish the Bells dresses with. But I'm still calling them done because they are out of my workroom!!

Bob took this shot of me this afternoon as I was pressing the costumes one last time.

I'm buried in a sea of red netting... Each of the three Step Sisters dresses required 10 yards of netting at the hem!

Tonight was the first full "tech rehearsal", with the band, lights, sound and everything. Controlled chaos!! After helping out with the dinner (cast and crew are fed by parent volunteers during "Hell Week" preceding opening night), I scurried backstage to help the girls into their costumes and check for any fit issues.

Then I got to watch them as they did their scenes!!

First up were the Gems:
My camera takes really lousy pictures in low light... I'm hoping to get some better ones during a performance. But the dresses fit perfectly! All the girls really liked them. They are sundress-style sheaths with side/waist darts, contrast top band and contrast pleated mock cummerbund.

Next up were the Pastels:
It's a little hard to see the details of this dress, so here's one of them closer up:
It's a shoulder princess draft, modified sweetheart neckline, empire waist, gored skirt, with an underskirt that has a contrast band attached. It's topped off with a contrast belt and little bows on the shoulders.

Then came the Bells:
These are wrap halter top, empire waist, darted flared skirt. The director wants me to "add some color" so I will be scouting for ideas tomorrow at Michael's or A.C. Moore. Not quite sure what I'm looking for, but I'll know it when I see it.

Last up are the Step Sisters:
Armscye princess sheaths, V-boat necklines, tapered skirt. These girls just squealed when they got their costumes on!! They looked so awesome.

So that's it: 18 dresses in 7 days. That's certainly a record for me in terms of output!! Now I can try to recover my workroom and start working on some of my own projects.


  1. Hats off to you. That's one heck of a lot of sewing! And, in a small amount of time. All I can say is "wow". And, take a bow!

  2. This is quite a read -- thanks for sharing. You should get the MVP award from the drama department!

  3. You go Welmoed!!!!! They are beautiful! I think you should add some sequined black trim or really blingy gold to the bell dresses! Great job...I hope you got paid well.

  4. Great job! I hope you cab watch the show and not the costumes! ;)

    Hey, have you considered some kind of paint for the black trim on the gold dresses? Quick and cheap...

  5. Clap! Clap! Clap! ....now THAT is an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing your sewing life...I enjoy it so! (Especially the Smithson gowns... :-)

  6. WOW!!! Hats off to you! Great job.


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