Friday, March 13, 2009

Why I haven't posted lately

Finally coming up for a breath of air... It's been a busy week in the workroom!

My daughter is a high school senior, and she has been active in the drama program throughout her four years there. This Spring, the school is doing "DreamGirls", and I volunteered to make some of the costumes.

Well, "some" turned out to be 18 dresses and 2 pairs of pants, plus altering about 10 rented or purchased outfits (including transforming some size 12 strapless dresses down to size 2's when there was a last-minute cast change).

The fabric was supposed to be delivered last week, but due to various mix-ups didn't get to the workroom until this past Tuesday the 10th. I've been cutting and sewing ever since, and so far have gotten all but four of the dresses done. I'm tired!!

The first pair of pants are black velvet boot cut:
When the actor came out wearing them, he had a big smile on his face and said to me, "They're so comfortable!" I don't know if he gets to keep them, though. Here's the second pair:

I'll also be making a skinny tie from the same purple fabric; it will be worn with a plain white shirt.

The girl groups were more fun to work on, but also a lot more work due to the wide range of sizes. The dresses are still "in progress" -- they need tweaking, pressing and the addition of a few details.

First, the Step Sisters:
The girls were all about the same size, so I used one pattern for all three of them and will tweak the dresses over the weekend. Also, there will be a big flounce of netting at the hem. I'm not crazy about the fit, and am thinking of redrafting the fronts over the weekend to widen the bust points. Depends upon my copious free time.

Next are the Bells:
The costume director has asked that they be shortened to knee-length, so I'll be whacking about 8" off each dress. They will also get some kind of embellishment at the top, in black... to be determined.

Finally , the Gems:
Only two of the six are in this picture. I still need to hem them. The top band is just the same bridal satin, wrong side out. I used stick-on gems from Michael's to decorate the band.

Still to be completed are the five dresses for the Pastels. All costumes are due on Monday, so I'll be sewing over the weekend too.

All patterns were created with PatternMaster Boutique and Tailor Made.

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  1. Wow--that's a LOT of sewing! A big endeavor.

    Because of your recommendation, I made the Professional Tote. Thank you for your tips. I turned out great. Love it. I have pictures posted on my blog.


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