Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cinderella's Home from the Ball

What a wonderful evening Bob and I had last night! This year's gala was a lot of fun, mostly because the Museum of American History afforded a lot of space for the attendees (350 of them!!), and several of the exhibits were open for perusal. There's really something glamorous about wandering through a museum exhibit while sipping wine and nibbling on canapes.

What I Wore
The opinions were overwhelmingly in favor of shortening the red dress and removing the sleeves. So that's what I did. I took a total of 12" off the bottom, serged the edge, turned it up and ran it through the blind hemmer. The sleeves were just sliced off right at the armscye with a sharp blade.
Originally, the dress had a full underskirt made of napped sateen drapery lining (remember, this whole dress was made out of drapery materials). I was worried this would be too hot (yesterday's temps topped the 80-degree mark), but I didn't want to sacrifice all the body provided by the underskirt. So I just lopped it off just below the hip. Didn't even bother hemming it. This gave me the best of both worlds: the skirt looked like it had a lot of body to it, but it still felt cool and comfy.

What Other Folks Wore
Lots of two-piece outfits. Lots of monochromatics. Not a lot of glitz and flash. Few long dresses. Nothing really outstanding this time around. As always, my husband Bob was my "spy", taking pictures throughout the evening.

(That's my friend Margaret on the right, in a beautiful embroidered duster she bought in Dubai.)

I really liked this dress; when the wearer stood still, it looked like a very straight sheath. But when she twirled! The effect was marvelous.

There was a fair amount of black and white to be seen.

Not a lot of drama in the clothing this year; one or two strapless dresses, a smattering of beading and sequins. Some cute handbags. But nonetheless, it was a grand evening; we finally left at 10:45 pm and that was only because my feet were starting to hurt (even though I was wearing ballroom dancing shoes, which are incredibly comfortable).

In my next post, a look at the venue and the menu!


  1. this is BY FAR my favorite of all the gowns you've made for this ball! i LOVE the silhouette, i love the fit, i love the cut, it is all just beautiful, flattering, tasteful, chic. congratulations on such a lovely lovely dress!

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