Friday, April 17, 2009

Here Comes the Sun (dress)!

I finally finished Diana's sundress last night. When she saw the weather report for today, she asked me very sweetly if it was possible to have the dress ready to wear. As of 8pm Thursday, I hadn't gotten very far on it: I had cut the pieces out and marked the darts. That was it. Could I get it done?

Well, by 11pm it was finished. I had to take a few shortcuts, but they really aren't noticeable. Diana wore the dress today and said she got many compliments on it.

The fabric was from my stash; I think the floral print is a rayon and the black is a sandwashed silk.

The front view:
The only changes I made from the muslin version were to take about 1" out of the top circumference, lower the neck a little, and add about 5" to the skirt.

The side view:
It's hard to see, but there's a zipper in that side seam. It extends through the waist and down into the skirt about 5". It's a regular zipper, not an invisible (the busy floral really helps to hide it), and it was just topstitched in place. Like I said, I used some shortcuts!

The back view:
To determine the proper position and length of the straps, I had Diana try the shell of the dress on, and I pinned the straps into place.

At this point, the bodice of the dress didn't have the black triangle on it. When she tried the shell on, we agreed that the dress would look a lot better with the same triangular accent as the original dress we saw at Anthropologie (see the previous post about the muslin). Luckily, I was able to add a contrast triangle to the bodice front at this point. Then I added the lining (in the same sandwashed black silk as the black waist band) and finished it up.

Here's the bodice closer up:
She really likes the dress, and has said it's a "do-again". She's really fun to sew for!


  1. Your dd looks beautiful in this dress! And your speed and skill never cease to amaze me. Nice work!


  2. Cute dress and very becomming on your DD.

  3. OOO, AHHH. That is so nice. I love every thing about it. I can see why she would want more.
    Pat Marie


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