Friday, April 24, 2009

What to wear now?

Well, I tried to come up with another design for a "cocktail dress" for tomorrow's Smithson dinner, and haven't had any luck. I tried one design, but the fit was really off and I just don't have the energy or enthusiasm to figure out how to fix it.
So, the next solution is to shop in my own closet. Gowns from the past years are all going to be too formal, I think, unless I take the drastic step of shortening one of them. Which isn't out of the question, of course.
One possibility is this dress, which I made two years ago and jokingly call my "cocktail dress":
Here's a closeup of the fabric:
(Hmm... no idea why it's showing up sideways) It's a quilting cotton, so my concern would be that it's just too casual for a real cocktail party.

Another option is to take the Smithson gown from two years ago:
Shorten it to mid-calf level and maybe remove the sleeves. The funny thing is, this is the same pattern I used to make the "cocktail dress".



  1. I vote for the red. The cocktail dress will read too Sunday at church. The red dress looks much dressier and more apprppriate.

    hack off the sleeves and the bottom of the dress and you are good to go.

  2. I like the red also, but leave the sleeves in and just shorten.

  3. Love the red dress and the idea of shortening it and getting rid of the sleeves would really make it a whole new dress, add some black heals and some red and black jewlery and maybe a black shoulder shawl, you know the ones that are very light that you see these women wear that drap across the back and through the bend on the elbow and just flow down the front. Man you would be the looker of the party for sure.

  4. The top dress suits you very well. So, if the red dress is from the same pattern, I think it will suit you better than the long version. If you shorten the red, dress, you will look classy and not overdressed. Because it is the simple option, you will also not look stressed!

    I think I like the idea of a different sleeve, too, but only if you think you have time. definitely shorter, but I prefer sleeveless like the top one if you can manage to get all the layers to behave.

    Sandy in the UK

  5. I vote for shortening the red dress.

  6. I vote for the red one. I love the other but it is just to casual IMHO for a "cocktail dress". Shorten the red and remove the sleeves. You will look beautiful.

  7. I really like Back Porch Blessings' idea - the red dress with a black shawl! You will be a foxy lady!

  8. Red dress! Sleeves off, shortened to lovely length as on the "cocktail" dress. Could you possibly use sleeve lace to create a rosette, glue-gunned to side of hairband, wear that as head ornament? Or more discreetly wrap wider hairband w/ fabric, leave off rosette . . . xx

  9. I think either dress would work. I wouldn't necessarily remove the red sleeves though.... just shorten them to above elbow or perhaps sort of a cap length. The reason I might leave a little bit of sleeve on is because the shortened red skirt will still be rich, full and beautifully ornate...visually substantial. A little bit of sleeve would balance that out. Shorten the skirt first and see what you think:-)

  10. Yep, I go for the red, shortened and sleeveless.


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