Monday, May 18, 2009

Making my own "Power Ranger Earmuffs"

During my wonderful visit with my sewing friend Sarah in New York, I mentioned that I was looking for something in particular: a small folder or folio in which to keep some greeting cards, stamps, return labels and a pen, that I could keep in my purse, so I would always be able to quickly send a card when the urge struck me. But, in several months of searching (both online and in stores), I had yet to find what I was looking for.
Sarah had the perfect term for an item like this: Power Ranger Earmuffs. She related a story about one of her kids and his search for just this item; it seemed like such a thing should exist, but it was nowhere to be found. Sarah then suggested I should just go ahead and make one for myself, rather than keep searching in vain.
Well, she was right. When I got home I dug into my stash and found some appropriate fabric and decided to just wing it. The result came out quite nicely.

This is the "closed" view. The folio is held closed by slipping a pen through the two loops on the edge.

The inside view:
The pocket on the right holds a good selection of blank cards and envelopes, and the two pockets on the left hold stamps and return address labels.

I could probably put together a tutorial on how to make one of these; it took less than an hour start to finish and would probably make a really nice housewarming or graduation gift.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bias Topper from THREADS

The July issue of Threads had an easy-to-make bias top that caught a lot of peoples' attention and was discussed a lot on the Creative Machine list. It consists of two squares of fabric, joined in an unusual way to form an interesting-looking topper.

On my New York trip last week, I picked up a lovely sheer with purple and red paisley tones specifically to use for this top. It's a good thing, though, that I subscribe to the Creative Machine list... A member posted that there was an error in the article, and the measurements given weren't correct. So I didn't end up with a too-small topper!

I used a rolled edge to put it together, and used a rolled edge on the edges as well. I'm not sure the results are terribly flattering, but hey, it's done!

I'm not sure why it ended up so much baggier than the pictures in Threads; mine looks a lot longer. I'm wondering whether I should slit it up the center front and wear it as a loose open jacket.

Has anyone else tried this top?