Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bias Topper from THREADS

The July issue of Threads had an easy-to-make bias top that caught a lot of peoples' attention and was discussed a lot on the Creative Machine list. It consists of two squares of fabric, joined in an unusual way to form an interesting-looking topper.

On my New York trip last week, I picked up a lovely sheer with purple and red paisley tones specifically to use for this top. It's a good thing, though, that I subscribe to the Creative Machine list... A member posted that there was an error in the article, and the measurements given weren't correct. So I didn't end up with a too-small topper!

I used a rolled edge to put it together, and used a rolled edge on the edges as well. I'm not sure the results are terribly flattering, but hey, it's done!

I'm not sure why it ended up so much baggier than the pictures in Threads; mine looks a lot longer. I'm wondering whether I should slit it up the center front and wear it as a loose open jacket.

Has anyone else tried this top?


  1. Get those scissors out. It wants to be a jacket.

  2. I saw the article. I'm glad to know there's a error in the dimensions. I think yours would make a great cardigan.

  3. This picture says open front to me too. I think you made a good fabric choice for this style.


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