Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming Back Into Focus

No, I haven't totally dropped off the face of the earth. But I haven't been doing much sewing lately, either. The end of the school year was hectic for me: our daughter Diana graduated from High School, so there was the associated hoopla with that. Then there seemed to be a zillion little things conspiring to keep me away from my sewing.
The real hazard of not keeping up with my sewing is that every flat surface in my workroom has a tendency to become a horizontal storage unit. If I don't have a project underway to force me to keep the room organized, it quickly degenerates.
So, I will confess my sloppy sins and reveal the current state of my workroom, and vow to get it neatened and organized by the end of July, so I can get back to creating things other than messes.

Welcome... I think.

This is the view from the entrance of the workroom. Hey, at least some of the floor is visible. But it's easy to see why it's not an inspiring place to be.

The view from the opposite corner. One change I made a few days ago was to replace my computer armoire with a simple flat table from Ikea. The armoire was just gathering clutter, and I need to reduce the "clutter bunkers". Actually, I just need to reduce the clutter. There's so much stuff in here that really doesn't belong.

My work table. I have a lot of leftover fabric from past jobs, most of which I will never use, but I can't seem to get rid of it because "it's perfectly good fabric!" The sewing machine usually doesn't live on my work table; it's just there because I'm gathering all the bits and pieces to go with it in preparation for photographing it to post for sale.

My sewing machines are so clogged up with clutter that it's impossible to simply sit down and sew something. Like I said: unused tables become horizontal storage surfaces.
The cabinet against the wall in the back of the picture is wonderful for storing small parts, notions and other items. Unfortunately, it's one of two such storage areas, and I can never remember what is where, and only half the drawers are labeled. Oh, and the top is covered with books and junk too. Hey, it's horizontal.

This is the table where my cover stitch machine and my regular sewing machine live. Notice that I can't sit at the table to work there. I'm currently planning on replacing this wobbly folding table with a solid melamine shelf, which will use the space more efficiently. Hoping to get that done in the next week.
The shelves on the wall were there when we bought the house; they're very useful for storing glues and sprays. The swing arms on the wall hold cut-out project pieces so I can keep track of them while working.
The door to the left leads to a utility room, where I've got some fabric in bins and some shelving that used to hold fabric sample books from when I was doing drapery work.

This is what's behind the door with all the clippings on it in picture #2. It leads to a wedge-shaped closet under the stairs. The bookcase came with the house and got moved into this closet for storage. I'm thinking of going back to the bracket-and-standard shelving system that was here originally, and reconfiguring the space so that ALL my little baskets and boxes of notions are stored in here, completely organized and labeled. (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

So there you have it: my disaster of a sewing area. I fully believe that one way to inspire yourself to clean up the house is to invite someone important over for dinner. You, my readers, are important to me, and I've now invited you over into my space, so I'd better get it cleaned up before you all start nattering to one another about my slovenly ways.

Mark my words: by the end of July, this will be a neat and productive sewing room once more.

Ready, Set, GO!!!