Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More sewing for my daughter

When Diana and I went shopping a few weeks ago, we stopped at World Market in Rockville, one of our favorite stores. While browsing, we spotted the following bag:
It was a simple canvas bag, printed with "STUFF". Diana loved it, but I wasn't fond of the $10 price tag. Instead, I went home and copied the bag, embroidering the word on some canvas I had in my stash.

Here's the result:
It's bigger than the one in the store, and only has one handle, but Diana really likes it!

One feature I really like is the reinforcement of the lip of the bag with cording. To do this, I serged the top edge, turned it under 1/4" and stitched the edge down. I then inserted the cording, folding the edge over the cording and leaving about 1/2" lip inside the bag. Two lines of stitching secured the edge, and a loop of canvas stitched in as a handle.

One more thing being packed for this weekend's exodus!

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