Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Professional (Mom) Tote

A good friend of mine is expecting her first baby next month, so for her baby shower I decided to make a custom diaper bag. She's not the cutesy fabric type, so I figured I would make a tote that could work as a diaper bag for now, and as a functional tote in the future.

Of course, I turned to my favorite tote pattern, the Professional Tote. I think this is the sixth one I've made; each one has had little tweaks and this one is no exception.

Here's the finished bag, complete with an embroidered initial on the front zippered pocket.

To go with the bag, I made a custom changing pad. This one uses matching fabric for the back and a very plush cotton towel for the "baby side". It's completely washable, and it slips into the center zippered pocket.

So what makes this a diaper bag? Well, the lining of the center zippered pocket is waterproof vinyl, rather than regular fabric. So a damp changing pad can be stuffed back into it, and it can be wiped clean. Also, all the fabrics were prewashed prior to construction, so the whole bag can be tossed in the wash if it gets... er... "anointed" by the baby.

I also added more pockets, plus some D-rings attached to the top edge.

I'm going to load up the bag with all sorts of goodies for baby care... including two little bottles of Hennessy Cognac (strictly for medicinal purposes, of course).

By the way, in the last picture you can see one of the modifications I made. The pattern calls for a regular zipper to be used in the opening. Instead, I used a 16" separating sport zipper centered on the opening pieces. This lets the opening flaps lie completely flat against the inside of the bag, giving you better access to the interior.

I think I've made enough of these for now...


  1. That's a great bag. I made one also. I really like the idea of the seperating zip. When I make this bag again, I'll definitely do that.

  2. Welmoed..this is just amazing. You did an outstanding job...Brava !

  3. Beautiful bag Welmoed! And I love the monogram on the front. Where is that from?

  4. I have just now sent for the professional tote pattern.

    I found your blog with the zipper installation instructions.

    I was so happy to see how the zipper is installed with such wonderful pictures and very clear instructions.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with those of us who require visual instructions when learning something new.

    Jean Moss


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