Sunday, October 4, 2009

Now THIS is a neat sewing machine!

I spent the day wandering through the aisles of the Chantilly Sewing & Craft Expo, and this was without a doubt the best sewing machine I saw there.

Clare Rowley was using this machine to demonstrate her Creative Feet. She did all the decorating herself, and is in the process of creating a video to teach how it's done. Every surface was embellished... even the flywheel had hot-fix crystals on it.

I don't know about you, but just sitting at a machine like this would make me very happy. I'm looking forward to Clare's video!!


  1. I'm thinking happy...with a big headache :-)

  2. Love it, but I think I would not want the bed that busy. Would it make it hard to see your fabric? But, I do think it looks really cool.
    Cindy K in Illinois

  3. It certainly is a "wow"..but oh it would make me dizzy !!!!

  4. It's a great attention-getter, which is probably what she intended.

  5. The Creative Feet people decorated a machine years ago when they got mad at the company because of the way they treated their dealers. I think there was a merger involved. The Creative Feet people didn't want to advertise the machine brand in any way.

    I think this is the same machine with another layer of decoration. Or it may be that she found it was an attention getter and decorated another one.

    Kathleen in No VA
    Hi, Welmoed!

  6. Thank you so much for blogging about me, I appreciate your time :)

    Hi, I was told by someone that I should come and tell the story of the painted sewing machine, so here I am. :)

    First, it's amazingly easy to sew on a painted machine, and you can actually plan for certain elements to be guides for feeding fabric straighter... and it's fun!

    However, sadly the real reason I painted my first of 20 or so sewing machines is that originally I was using the Janome machine and they copied instead of taking on my product line. This was done in 1990 and that was the birth of my first painted machine.

    I did paint it so that no-one could decipher which machine I was using and it turned out to be an attention grabber and also made everyone realize that I was not selling sewing machines.

    I love how a negative situation can turn into a positive one don't you?

    Clare Rowley
    Creative Feet LLC


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