Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Girlfriend Gown: First Muslin Needs Some Tweaking

Sis came over this morning to try on the first muslin of her gown. It was drafted with Wild Ginger Celebrations, so the fit was quite good. But yes, it's going to need some tweaks.

Here's the front view:

Let's see... Do ya think that neckline's just a tad wide and deep? Yuh-huh. It's going to be moved in and up at least two inches. Sometimes it's very hard to visualize what a neckline will look like when you're looking at flat pattern pieces.

Here's the back view.

In contrast, the back neck isn't low enough. So it's going to be dipped a bit lower, so that the emphasis is on the small of the back. I did a little pinning with the motif to show Sis what I intended to do.

The back neckline will curve into where the motif is pinned. For the final version of the dress, the neckline will be trimmed with a matching beaded trim, and there will be another motif at the base of the front neckline.

What doesn't show up very well in these pictures are the godets inset into the hem. I added six godets, each 18" long. Sis wants them a bit higher, so I'll cut them 24" tall and make them a bit wider than these (which were cut at 30 degrees). I'm also going to start the skirt flare further down the skirt, so it is more of a trumpet flare than this.

The final dress will also have bra cups built in, so she won't have to worry about wearing a bra.

Sis was really quite pleased with this "first draft" and is looking forward to the second muslin, which I'll have ready for her next week.


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