Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mystery Items

I've been going through the accessories included with the Bernina I bought last week. I found two things in the drawers that I just cannot identify. Does anyone know what they are?

This looks like a presser foot add-on, but I can't figure out what or how it attaches. I'm really, really hoping it's an adaptor that will let me use snap-on feet.

This looks like some sort of plug, but it has the same kind of lever as a bobbin case. So what's the story on it?


  1. Is there a time that you would ever sew without a bobbin? Just wondering if the second picture is of something like a "plug" that you would put in place of the bobbin, rather than leaving the opening empty?

    Otherwise, I'm lost! :)

    Annie Davis

  2. The first item is a button foot for a machine, such as Brother/Janome, that uses snap-on feet.


  3. The top foot with the blue rubbery surface on it is a snap on foot like the one I had for one of my Elna machines. It is not for a Bernina machine. The foot is snapped on opposite of the way you have it showing in the picture above and is used to hold a button in place while you sew it on by machine. I remember using it often. Have fun with your new machine!

  4. Could the plug thing be something that goes with your cabinet? It definitely doesn't go with the machine.

  5. yes the top picture is an attachment for sewing buttons on, I think it is easier to hold the button on with a dab of fabric glue, drop your feed dogs and use a zigzag stitch that fits the holes on the button.

  6. The first item that is clear & blue is an attachment for sewing on buttons. I have a Brother and use this attachment for that. If you go to Brother's website, you can download a free manual explaining how to use it.

  7. The first item is not for your machine as others have already mentioned. The second item is strange. I would say definitely not a Bernina item either. Maybe, you could venture in a sewing machine store and ask about it.

  8. The black item looks like a bobbin case to be used if you want to play with the bobbin tension when you do bobbin work. Eliminates the possibility of messing up your regular machine bobbin tension. After looking at the photo again though, maybe not!
    Martha Ann in NC

  9. Did you ever figure out the second item? I've seen it before, had one in fact. If you have the right machine in which to use it, it replaces the bobbin and bobbin casing completely. You're sewing with only the needle thread, and are forming a chain stitch. It's very tiny, almost too tiny to be decorative, but it really is a chain stitch. I didn't keep that machine as I didn't need it for regular sewing and couldn't see a need for the chain stitch, but have had a few ideas since then...darn it.


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