Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Girlfriend Gown: Second Muslin

Sis came over today to try on the second muslin of the Girlfriend Gown (See the first muslin here). I had fixed the neckline in the front and back, narrowed the shoulders, lengthened the godets and changed the flare profile of the skirt panels.

I got it close enough that the next iteration will be in the fashion fabric. I only have a few small tweaks to make: the darts in the back are too short, and the skirt needs to be longer overall. I also need to fix the small "bat wings" that showed up at the armscye (will correct that with a dart uptake setting change).

Here's the back view.

The final gown will also have bra cups sewn into it, so she won't be wearing a bra. I will have to add some additional "support" to the fabric of the bodice to make sure she's "secure".

The shoulders look odd because there's still the seam allowance sticking out; the final dress will, of course, be fully lined.

Sis also asked for more flare, so I'll be drafting new skirt pieces too. I'm also trying to figure out how to give the hem some support and a little bit of weight, since the fabric is sooooo lightweight.

The next fitting is scheduled for sometime in the next week; I promised the dress would be done by the 15th.


  1. Welmoed - To weight/structure the hem, how about some fine, narrow synthetic "horsehair" braid? It is finely textured and almost invisible. I buy it by the yard from either Sew True, Atlanta Thread or Newark Dressmaker Supply. If even that is too heavy, my other sheer hem finish is a 1" bias strip of silk organza, binding the skirt edge, then turned under and hemmed either by hand or machine. Gives just a little weight & structure to the hem, but it is not overwhelming. The friend who taught me this worked in her family's custom bridal shop for years, and they sometimes used tulle or netting for this type of finish.

  2. Don't know if I've commented here previous to this, but I found you by googling about fusing paper and cloth and came up with your Obama Newspaper tote - very, very cool! And then became very jealous of your workspace.

    There's an award for you over at Daily Decadent.

  3. WOW!!!! so much better than the dress that you are copying. The color is 1000% better on Sis than the white. It really flatters...even without the tweaks you are planning to make. Here, Sis's body looks sleek. The final dress will look amazing...The hem might not need weighting. why don't you wait and see on that one...with a plan up your sleeve if you need to weight it.


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