Saturday, December 19, 2009

Non-Sewing: Litter box? What litter box?

We have two cats; therefore, we have a litter box. The only logical place for the box was in the hallway outside my sewing room. This meant that every time I went in or out of my creative space, I was greeted with the sight (and smell) of a litter box. This got old pretty quickly, so I decided to do something about it. The resulting project took a single weekend, not much money, and some precise measuring.

Here's what I see now when I approach the sewing room.

And here's the view when I leave the sewing room.

The space where the box is used to house a full-sized refrigerator. When we moved in we decided we didn't need a fridge in the basement, so had a very handy open space in the downstairs kitchenette.

How do we clean it? Here's the area with the lid raised.

Everything is hinged, so the lid is lifted up and a barrel bolt holds it in place. The platform is carpeted with a scrap of indoor-outdoor carpet, and the frame is painted to match the counter color next to it. The litter scoop hangs from a handy hook on the wall.

In this picture you can see the two hinges that hold the lid to the wall, the barrel bolt holding the lid up, and one of the two L-brackets that the lid rests on when it is closed.

But where does the used litter go?

The trap door in the platform lifts up, revealing an access hole to the waste disposal bag beneath the platform.

The bag units are from LitterWorks; they slide into rails screwed into the bottom of the platform. The plastic bin is there to contain any stray spills. With two cats, the bag is replaced every week or so. To the right of the waste bin is space for the tub of litter, plus a wisk broom and dustpan to tidy up spills. The bottom area is concealed by a fabric curtain on a tension rod.

The smell is pretty non-existent (thanks to the stick-on odor puck and the occasional spritz of air cleaner), and it's now much nicer to walk past it. The cats took to it right away.


  1. That is awesome! It's great that it sits up where you don't have bend to clean it.

  2. This is so great, and actually seems like something I could biuld myself. Bravo.
    You may want to rethink the air freshener spray. It can be harmful to cats, and can aggrevate feline asthma and lung issues.

  3. Wilmoed, I never cease in my amazement of your ingenuity and creativity. I have 3 cats and plan to use your design. Thanks so much for sharing.


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