Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sewing is so Glamorous.

Sometimes the hardest part of sewing is finding a comfortable position for hand-work. In this case, I was trying to sew the lining to the waist seam, which was on a curve, so I needed something like a ham to shape the seam. My knee was the ideal surface. I just had to be careful not to sew through my jeans.

This was followed by another hour or two of hand-stitching the trim to the front and back neckline. Luckily I had a very engaging podcast to listen to: Canadian radio's "Definitely Not the Opera".

In between bouts of working on the Girlfriend Gown, I am also doing projects for my son Ian, who is leaving in a week to start his Junior year of college at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ. He wanted a laundry bag like the one I made for Diana, but with a different embroidery.

Sorry if the color blinds you. He wanted something he couldn't lose easily, and this was the most obnoxious colored fabric I could find.

The embroidery is really something perfect for the "geek school" he's heading to.

The embroidery reads "1d6 acid/round". Don't ask me what it means; supposedly it's something to do with Dungeons & Dragons and refers to something harmful. Perfect for a fermenting bag of laundry.

By the way, I decided to use an actual pattern for this bag, rather than figure out the diameter/circumference thing again. I used Wild Ginger's new progam, Wild Things Gifts. It's great!! I used the pattern for the water bottle carrier, but I increased the diameter to 12" and increased the height to 20".

I also got him new towels and embroidered his name on them so they're less likely to be misplaced. Ever since I moved the embroidery machine to its new higher perch, I've been doing so much more with it!


  1. One time, I was doing some hand sewing, and sewed the garment to my pajamas! Nice laundry bag. I'm sure you'll see it often!

  2. The bag is fun! Your son is going to school about a mile and a half from where I live. =)


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