Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What a Productive Day!

Today was simply wonderful. I'm getting ready to attend a convention in Las Vegas with my husband, and since I am now working for him, I needed to have an official uniform to wear. So, of course, I had to make one.

Both the shirt and the pants were drafted with PatternMaster Boutique. The shirt has a waist dart and a convertible collar, with the company logo embroidered on the left front. The pants are a boot-cut draft, and I didn't iron them before having the picture taken. They'll be properly pressed before the convention!

They fit wonderfully, and are so comfortable. I used a 3/4" contoured waistband.

Boy, they really do need pressing. So does the shirt.

The pockets came out really well; I used a trouser pocket and made the bag out of a lighter fabric; this avoids too much bulk at the hip.

I've also finished a skirt in the same green fabric, and am working on a second blouse that I hope to finish tomorrow. I'll post pictures of that outfit when it's done.

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