Monday, February 1, 2010

Doing Some Home Dec Work

Last month, I got a call from someone who had been referred to me by a past client. I had done the client's bedroom about four years ago, and this friend told me the client was still happy with my work. Even though I've pretty much closed down my drapery workroom business, I took this job on.
This new client knew exactly what she wanted (bless clients like that!), and would be providing the fabric. She wanted me to copy this style of valance for another room:

I measured last week and did the install this afternoon, and it came out looking quite nice.
The only thing that was less than ideal was the fabric: it was a heavy linen, and had been folded up when she bought it, so it had crease marks in it. Once you get a crease in linen, it is just about impossible to remove it, since creasing actually breaks the linen fibers. I had to be very careful when handling this fabric!

The second window. The valances were trimmed in braided cord, which really hates to bend and turn corners.

But it turned out well, and the client was happy.

She had also asked that I make a small pillow for the bed in that room. Since there wasn't enough trim for the pillow, I pulled the colors out of the trim and did this embroidery design. The swirls are from Embroidery Library, but with the "Welcome" generated with Embird's Font Engine. There's a zipper in the bottom edge.

It felt nice to do some paying home dec work again... Now I have some "pin money" for Puyallup!

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  1. Looks very nice! How did you get the creases out of the linen?


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