Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More from Sew Expo

Since I was at the Sew Expo to work at the Wild Ginger booth, I didn't have the chance to take any classes, but I did get a few breaks to wander around the booths.

This is Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods' colorful booth. All their ribbons, buttons and trims are organized by color, so it's really easy to find things that go together.

One thing is for sure: the food available at the Expo Center is awesome!! Here's one of the food service guys preparing my ham and cheese crepe for lunch one day. The dining area was nearly always packed, and the choices of food was amazing: everything from soup in a bread bowl to BBQ ribs.

The Sulky booth had some great displays on decorative uses for threads. I loved the array of colors!

The Wool House had so many gorgeous fabrics; it was hard not to buy a bit from every bolt.

The Fasturn booth always had people gathered around the demo area. I have a set of their turning tubes and love them; this year I added the big blue tubes that let you make really fat fabric tubes.

The Fasturn booth also had lots of things on display to give you ideas on how to use their products. One of the neatest was this one: making lots of thin fabric tubes, joining them end-to-end, and using them to knit with!

The Vogue Fabrics booth. This one was ALWAYS bustling. And it was only two aisles away from our booth, so it was far too easy to slip away for "just one more peek", because they kept bringing new bolts in off the truck. Only my limited suitcase space prevented me from making some serious additions to my stash.

This cute clown was the hostess for the special area sponsored by Janome, where attendees were invited to take scraps and cast-offs and remake them into new things. I would have loved to play around in there, but alas... work prevailed.

More clothing ogling. This dress was just too cute.

This funky vest was made using the Green Pepper Rogue River Vest pattern. The lady wearing it said she chose to make the pattern specifically to get over her fear of zippers. And yes, she said, that did the trick!

Next time, I'll share some of the things that did make it into my suitcase.


  1. I'm so jealous! I just returned from our local "quilt show" in Dallas, and it's just SO small, AND it's only really quilting. Not too many fabric vendors, no apparel or apparel notions and fabrics, etc. You lucky dog!! That really looks like a lot of fun!

  2. That royal blue dress is super cute! Do you have any idea what pattern it is (if it is hand-sewn?)? It would make an adorable short prom dress for my daughter.


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