Sunday, April 18, 2010

A bit of a dry spell

I've had a bit of a dry spell in the sewing room lately. Part of the issue is that I've moved my computer upstairs into what was my son's bedroom, now that he's off at college. Since I'm not constantly exposed to the fumes from my stash, I'm not as automatically drawn to engage in a sewing project.
The second reason is that my sewing room really was a mess after finishing the Mondrian dress. So first I had to clean it all up. I've gotten that done, so am ready to start messing it up again.
The last excuse reason is that my wide-format printer was having issues, so I wasn't able to print out patterns. But my incredibly clever husband Bob figured out what was wrong with it and got it running again. He's waiting on a new part to fix some lingering issues, but for now I can print patterns. So there is a new blouse pattern waiting for me to start on it. I'm hoping to have it finished before I leave for North Carolina on Thursday, for a quick visit with my daughter at college and to see her perform in a production of "The Bacchae".

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