Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag!

I liked the bag I made for Diana so much that I decided to make one for myself as well!

It's basically the same design, with just a few variations on the inside pockets, and with a different design on the front flap (this one is from Embroidery Library).

The front of the body has a pocket with a zippered pocket in the flap.

The top can be closed off with a separating zipper.

I used a darker fabric for the lining (which is a big switch for me; usually I prefer light-colored linings). But this was cute fabric, and it had a sewing theme, so...

There is a center divider, and the back section has a zippered pocket. The front section has two pockets, each with a single pleat.
It has a self-fabric strap, clipped onto D-rings.
I'll be doing a "field test" of this bag in New York City this weekend; we'll see how it holds up to the rigors of sightseeing!!


  1. Welmoed: what a purse! It's got everything anyone would need... lots of pockets, zippers, flaps, etc.

    Did you use a pattern and if so which one!

    I'm always amazed at your creativity and sewing skills.

  2. What a great handbag! Also wanted to comment on your DARLING new haircut - love it!


  3. Love both your and Diana's bags. I love zippered pockets and also a zipper closed top, not always available in retail.
    Hope you had fun in NYC. Keep up the creativity!
    Ann R.


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