Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decorating a Hoodie with Patches

Hard to believe my little girl is leaving for college again on Friday. Wishing I could slow down time, both so she can get all her packing and preparation done, and I can savor her company.
And, of course, sew for her. This time around she wanted to spiff up her work hoodie with some embroidery designs. She's really fallen in love with the stuff over at Urban Threads! The designs are well done and incredibly funky. She picked out six designs, but didn't want them embroidered directly onto the hoodie as the back sides of the designs would feel too scratchy. Instead, I embroidered the designs onto Osnaberg fabric and turned them into patches.
 To embroider the raven, I removed the top and side stitches holding the pocket in place so I could attach the patch without taking away the pocket. The raven design extends just a bit beyond the pocket.

The jacket back with the ankh and the horned stag. The ankh design is positioned precisely over the spot where she has her ankh tattoo, and is the same size!

A flying key is on her right wrist. To attach it I had to open up the sleeve seam, then serge it closed again once the patch was in place.

I think this is her favorite design. She really does love her job; this year she'll be on the Library crew.

Close-up of the Raven patch. It's formed from a quote from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".

This "ZOMG" design was a freebie from Urban Threads!

I'm so glad she still likes to get crafty stuff made for her!


  1. Hi Welmoed, She is so cute and her patches are so unique! Sounds like he serger is working ok. Margie

  2. Totally cute! Your daughter is adorable.


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