Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another T-Shirt Quilt

My son Ian is heading into his Senior year at college. Where does the time go?!? He finally gave me his collection of t-shirts from his high school drama days and asked that I turn them into a throw, like I did for my daughter last year.

Here's the final product:

He was involved in eight different productions during his high school years, and had a shirt for each show.

We went to JoAnns Fabrics today so he could pick out the fleece for the backing.
It's a tiger-print fleece. Since he's in Arizona, he didn't need a whole lot of bulk and warmth in this throw, so it doesn't have any batting layer.
He's really happy with the throw, and it's going back to school with him when he leaves on Monday. We probably won't see him until Christmas; it's just too far to fly home for the brief Thanksgiving holiday. It is very, very strange to think that he won't be home then; it will be the first time the whole family has not been together.
Technical notes: I stabilized each t-shirt piece with fusible knit stabilizer. The pieces were then trimmed and sewn together. The fleece was simply added to the back and the layers are held together with two lines of stitch-int-the-ditch. The binding is a swimsuit lycra, cut in 2-inch strips.


  1. Totally awesome! I love the creative things you do for your kids. I'm sure they will treaure these things for the rest of their lives!

  2. This is probably the nicest quilt-from-t-shirts I have seen. I have a huge collection of running shirts from the past 20+ years--100 shirts would not be an exaggeration. Both my mother, and my mother-in-law (long with prodding from my wife), have offered to make a quilt out of them for me but I've always resisted. But I'm going to forward this to them with the condition that it looks like this. Thanks for posting.

    1. Aww, thank you, Russ! It just takes planning to get the pieces to fit together right. I used Pellon Tru-Grid to make templates for the individual blocks so I knew they would line up. And they did, for the most part... I just had to use a few "filler" pieces (scraps from the t-shirts) here and there when they didn't.


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