Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am SO excited!!!!

A few months ago, I was asked to be one of the Beta testers for the new version of PatternMaster Boutique. The program is now nearing release form, so I was able to print out one of the new patterns. One of the newest features of the program is the ability to print out lining patterns for jackets and coats. Wow! This was on the wish list for a LONG time! So I figured it was the best way to test the program.

But not for me... I wanted to test the feature by sewing a jacket for my client, Millicent Rogers... Otherwise known as Barbie! More accurately, a My Size Barbie, which is roughly half the size of a normal adult female. This way I would use less fabric and take less time to sew up the jacket.

All I can say is, WOW!!!! The new lining feature is absolutely amazing. It all came together perfectly! Keep in mind, I have never sewn a lined jacket before, ever. So I'm really happy.

Also keep in mind that I haven't done any of the finishing work on the jacket, so the sleeves and hem are still not finished. But it's done enough that I can judge it a success!

Front view:

Yeah, no buttons either... Come on; it's a half size jacket!!

Back view:

And here's the amazing view, of the inside:

The lining fit perfectly inside the shell. I'm SO impressed!!!! Now I really can't wait to sew a lined jacket for myself.


  1. i love your jacket!!! i have been so out of touch with my sewing room, etc. i hadn't realize a new release was in the making, now you've got me excited!!!

  2. Hey Welmoed, really enjoyed my first PMB meeting today. I learned so much!

  3. Hi, Welmoed, thanks for sharing this jacket! I love seeing what you sew. I'm anxiously waiting for PMB5 also. I'm still trying to get my measurements "correct". I never have been able to use PMB since version 2, but Karen is working hard to help me now. It is encouraging to see that others do succeed at this, so I should be able to also. Thanks for sharing.



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