Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh Boy; More Sewing for my Daughter!

My daughter is coming home for a one-week break in two weeks, and has already requested a few "Mom-made" items. She's decided that the standard "campus uniform" at her school -- flannel shirts, sloppy jeans, ratty shoes -- just is not for her, so she wants some nicer clothes to wear when she's at work (this year her assignment is the library).
She has requested a "Mad Men" style pencil skirt and fitted blouse,which she will wear with heels and a strand of pearls. So, I'm drafting a few muslins which I will send to her for fitting and style comments, so that we can dive right into the final sewing during her week here.

Sewing Expo
I did make it to the Sewing Expo in Chantilly, VA on Thursday, just to do the vendor floor. I didn't buy very much, but did splurge on another piece of 108"-wide double-bordered batik from Sew Batik. It will become a Folkwear Kimono for my husband. I'm hoping to get that done before Diana comes home.

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