Monday, November 8, 2010

Mourning Time

My husband and I went out to lunch today after a meeting with our insurance agent. It turns out the parking lot for the restaurant was undergoing some renovations, including repainting the big blue squares for handicap parking spaces.

Notice that there are no cones, signs or any other indication that this is wet paint. Yep, I walked on it and landed flat on my kiester.

Since we were quite a way from home, and there was paint seeping through my clothing, we had to go to the nearest store and pick up a pair of pants so I wouldn't be stuck with a two-toned outfit for the day. When I stripped off the pants in the K-Mart dressing room, I discovered that the paint had soaked clear through to my skin.
The management company has offered to reimburse me for the cost of the pants, as well as for the emergency replacement. Still, it's sad to see one of your own creations lost to a blur of blue paint.

I'm just sad to lose a pair of custom-made pants to such indignity.

Update: I valued the pants at $120 and the management company didn't quibble. So I'll be getting a check from them next week for that, plus the cost of the emergency replacements. I'm sure they're just relieved I didn't threaten to sue them.


  1. OH NO!!! that's so sad....They were such beautiful pants!

  2. oh, no. :( I'm so sorry about those pants.

  3. That is so annoying! Did they at least get some signs out right away?



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