Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Peterman Dress, Round 2

Remember the Peterman Dress? Although the version I made was okay, it didn't really fit the way I wanted it to.

Lo and behold, PatternMaster Boutique Version 5, just released last month, has greatly improved the kimono-style draft! With great excitement, I printed out a new pattern and finally got the dress finished yesterday.

The verdict: We have a winnah!!

No more bat wings! It fits great and is so comfortable!

Back view:

The fabric I used came from my stash, as this was going to be a "wearable muslin." But when I realized it would fit so nicely, I went ahead and finished it properly, with covered buttons and a self-fabric belt.

When I showed the dress to my PMB group (when it was still unfinished), they recommended I make a coat using the same pattern choices (but with more ease, of course). Sounds like a plan!


  1. I LOVE the way this "new and improved" looks on you! It looks terrific.

    ``Janie, Winston Salem, NC

  2. It's beautiful! I love the fit and the color is gorgeous! Great job!

  3. LOL Do only those of us in Winston-Salem NC post a comment? Great dress Welmoed - speaks well for PMB and pushes me a little closer to thinking seriously about it. The fit is fantastic!
    Martha Ann in Winston-Salem NC

  4. OMG, Welmoed, that is gorgeous!!! And you look amazing in it. Fantastic job!

    Hope to see you again in Puyallup this year.


  5. Unrelated to this post but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Snuglet instructions I found online a few weeks ago. I've made 3 as Christmas gifts so far and, well, make that 2 because I'm keeping one for myself. LOVE IT and so easy!

  6. That is the most wonderful dress! I wish I could make one! I'd wear that every day.

  7. Great job with the Ruby Red Dress.

  8. Swimsuits anyone?. . .Has anyone ever tried to make their own swimsuit? Please recommend successful patterns. Thank you.


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