Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 Days of Me: Day 3

Day 3 - Your First Love

Boy, this one’s a toughie. The answer would change depending upon when in my life you asked me. Of course, every boyfriend was “true love”; that’s the wistful romantic that exists in just about any young woman. But thinking back, I really don’t know if I could have actually made a working partnership with any of them. Sure, they were fun to be with, but in the long term the relationship would not be sustainable (Sorry, guys, but I’m just being honest! Not that any of them read my blog, of course).

Bob in 1981, age 23. This was about a month after we met.

Then I met Bob, and discovered that there’s a whole lot more to love than heart-flutters. It was great not to feel like I had to prove myself to him, or be anyone other than who I was. Sometimes it was a little unnerving: Am I supposed to feel this relaxed in a relationship? I wasn’t torturing myself with the “oh-my-gosh-he-didn’t-call-today-what’s-wrong-is-he-getting-tired-of-me?” drama that some of my girlfriends were going through with their boyfriends.

Not that everything was bliss and roses, of course. We had our moments, like everyone else who is doing the relationship dance. But we have been together nearly 30 years now, married for 25, and yes, it just keeps getting better.

That said, I’ll participate in the spirit of the question of the day and say that the first guy to really set my heart aflutter at age 15 was Dave G. His father worked for Saab and he always picked me up in prototype cars (so in 1975 he was driving a 1978 model), which was good for major status points at my prep school.

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