Saturday, March 12, 2016

Smithson 2016: Let's (Steam)Punk It Up!

Hooray! It's Smithson Gown time again!
I didn't make a new gown last year (I wore the Constellation Gown again), but it's time to pull out the stops again. My big inspiration is that the event will be held at the long-shuttered Arts and Industries Building! In keeping with the late-19th century building, I've decided to go with a Steampunk-inspired dress!
The event is on April 2, so I have a leisurely three weeks to get it all pulled together.

Suggestions I Got

Several people in my PMB group suggested I use my 2011 outfit as a jumping-off point:
Smithson 2011 Gown
 This was a three-piece outfit, with a lined jacket over a sleeveless shell and long skirt. This was one of my favorite ensembles, so I went back into my files and printed out a new pattern for the jacket to make a muslin.

A good start

Not bad for a first muslin!
Jacket Muslin Front View
The front view. I'm wearing this over a shirt, and I have not trimmed the half-inch hem allowance from the bottom edge or the sleeves.

Jacket Muslin Back View
Back view. I didn't press it prior to pictures, so there are some creases from the folds in the fabric. And the sleeve vents aren't pressed either.

Jacket Muslin Side View
Side view. I'm thinking the back edge needs to come down a little bit. I also really like the collar.

What Now?

A few readers suggested I use the same swirly pattern as for the summer dress I just posted to make the gown to go under this jacket. But will that be too much? I will have to try the jacket on with the summer dress to check whether it's a good combination. And I'm still up in the air as to whether to make it a top and skirt, or make it as a dress.
Later on today, I'm going to go fabric shopping with my daughter, who has a terrific eye for color. Then I will play with sketching styles and doing color combos and see what I come up with.
Stay tuned!

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  1. Always enjoy seeing what you create for this event.


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