Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Wedding Coat for Diana

I can hardly believe it, but my little girl will be married in five months. Where did the years go?
I've always loved sewing for her. Early on, though, I got her way too used to wearing clothes that fit well and were made of better materials. I think it really started in 2002 when I made her a wool skirt with a silk lining for an outing to New York.

She wore that skirt a lot while it still fit!
Well, now she is getting married (cue "Sunrise, Sunset"). She already has her dress; she purchased it at a thrift sale for $60. I'm not upset that I won't be making it for her; she and I agreed that we would most likely butt heads during the process if I were to make the dress.
But I won't be left out in the cold... Well, no, actually I will be. See, the wedding is on Valentine's Day, and it's an outdoor wedding. Bob and I were married that way as well! But here's the kicker: the ceremony starts at 7 in the morning. Yes, my little girl wants a Sunrise wedding. In February. In Maryland.
So I offered to make her a wedding coat. We did a little surfing and found the perfect example of what she wants.

We took a whirlwind one-day shopping trip to New York on Labor Day, only to discover that most of the "Big Name" stores were closed. Darn it!! But there were quite a few of the smaller stores open, and we managed to snag a gorgeous cashmere/angora wool at a store I know only as "Kabbalah Man" as my dear friend Sarah calls it. Now all I need to find is an old fur coat I can repurpose for the trim. The lining will be printed at Spoonflower, as Diana wants a very specific pattern and we haven't been able to find it.
The first step is to make a muslin to nail the overall design and fit. I will then make a short coat as a wearable muslin to confirm the fit and style. I hope to have the final coat done by the end of the year so I'm not in panic mode. Oh, and I will also need to make a dress and maybe a coat for myself.
Stay tuned... This should be an interesting adventure!