Friday, March 19, 2010

"Curiouser and Curiouser..."

Last night we had a fabulous family outing. We went to see Tim Burton's film "Alice in Wonderland", in 3-D, at our local theater. I figured a Thursday night probably wouldn't be that crowded, but get this: We were the ONLY PEOPLE in the audience!! We had the place to ourselves!! So we could be as totally snarky as we wanted to be, commenting on the movie loudly and having a marvelous time. We felt like celebrities, having a private screening. And, oh yeah, the film was great to boot.

So one of Diana's requests during Spring break was another one of the sun dresses I made last year, but in a different color scheme. She wanted "Alice blue" with eyelet lace. We went shopping together for fabric, and I did a quick muslin to make sure her measurements hadn't changed since last year (which they hadn't; by some miracle she's avoided the Freshman 15 -- probably because her school is on the side of a hill and every day she trudges up and down the hill to get to various classes).

I finished the dress this afternoon, and she's going to wear it to the opening night performance of "Ragtime" at Northwest High School.

Front view:
The blue fabric is a "linen look" from JoAnns; the eyelet is a cotton.

Back view:
(Yes, that's a tattoo on her back... She got it with her own money when she turned 18. Sigh.)

One change I made to this dress is that I added stabilizer to the blue midriff portion so it would hold its shape; that's the one thing that bugs her about the first dress.

The dress inspired her to do a little curtsy:
All we needed was the white rabbit scurrying past. Oh, and it doesn't really show up on these pictures, but there are four small lace butterfly appliques on the skirt front.

The bodice triangle applique included a faux "placket" this time, with cute little shell buttons.
I can't help it; she's so much fun to sew for.

Details: Drafted with PatternMaster Boutique. Self-lined; side zipper.


  1. Very pretty dress, my DD, GD and I saw Alice in Wonderland last weekend. I really enjoyed it too.

  2. lovely dress, beautiful daughter


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