Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yet another Folkwear Kimono

My lovely daughter Diana was so impressed with the Folkwear Kimono I made for myself earlier this year that she asked me to make one for her as well. I told her I would, as soon as we found the right fabric for it.
Well, while we were at Capital Quilts buying fabric for her Mother Nature costume, we came across a few bolts of extra-wide batiks, and one of them really caught her eye. So three yards of it came home with us.

I finally had time this weekend to get the kimono cut out and assembled, and now Diana has a new robe to pack in her "Back to College" boxes. Hard to believe I'll be driving her back to North Carolina in just two short weeks... Where did the summer go??

Here's the front view. She wanted the longer formal sleeves, but done "man-style" -- that is, with the sleeve totally enclosed to form a pocket, rather than left open, as a woman's is. And it was only after I finished the whole thing that I remembered she had requested the sleeves be just a little wider (more towards her wrists). Oops.But luckily she's okay with them as they are.

I also made a self-fabric sash, and added two belt loops at the side seams to hold it in place.

Back view:
I cut the pattern for a woman's medium, but there's actually a bit more room in the body since I cut it on the fold rather than having a seam.

Now it's Bob's turn for a new robe!


  1. "So three yards of it came home with us."

    Jumped right into your cart, huh? That's what they all say ...

  2. Love this pattern. I made it many years ago now, but I still wear mine. I did my sleeves like you did for Diana's. Very comfortable, easy to sew, classic style, wearable for years. Big win in my book. She looks lovely in it.

  3. I LOVE those colors! No wonder they just hopped into your cart! They would have just hopped into mine while I wasn't looking as well.


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