Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why do people destroy things?

This is a non-sewing post; sorry.

We have a feature at the end of our driveway called "Sword in the Stone." We had it made by a local artist shortly after we moved into our house, and it's been a part of the property ever since.

Yes, that's a real sword, and it's embedded (and securely epoxied!) into a real stone that weighs nearly half a ton.

This morning I went out to get the paper and was greeted by this:

Someone went to great pains to upend the main rock and shift around the others (Note: yes, the sword is missing its handle too; that was previously lost to weathering).
Fortunately, we can set the rock back upright and make it look pretty again. But the thought of someone choosing to damage a piece of art just burns me up.
Sorry for the vent, but does anyone have any clue what makes people do things like this? Besides an excess of alcohol and stupidity?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For my next project...

It's Musical time again at the high school my kids attended. Even though I no longer have a kid at the school, I still get involved with the theater program, helping out with costumes. In the past years, I've done costuming for Hairspray and DreamGirls, including both original costumes and endless alterations.
Lucky for me, this year's show is "Footloose," which is not nearly as costume-heavy as past productions. I only have four outfits to make: a tux for Ren, two prom dresses for Ariel (the part is double-cast), and a prom dress for Rusty.
Okay, confession time: I have never seen Footloose. Not the original, not the remake. I have seen clips, but not the whole show. I know; I'm culturally deprived. I was also at a disadvantage, because I didn't have any idea what the costumes were supposed to look like.
To the Googles!

I was lucky to find a blog post with pictures from a museum exhibit that had the actual costumes used in the remake (and which the director wants me to use as reference). So now I get to figure out how to copy the dress for two different actresses, and make that tux jacket.
(Speaking of which... Is there really any functional difference between a tuxedo jacket and a regular jacket, other than the contrasting shawl collar?)
I haven't been able to source any pictures of Rusty's prom dress, but I'm still looking. Unfortunately, the DVD won't be released until next month, which will be too late.
Yesterday I measured the actors for their costumes (which will be drafted with Wild Ginger software, of course). I've already got a muslin for the jacket printed out and hope to have it ready for a first fitting tomorrow.

Happy Valentines Day; it's my anniversary!

On February 14, 1986, I married my best friend. We said our vows outside, on the dock of the pond in our back yard, during a snowstorm.

I didn't make my dress, but I did make the cape that went over it, along with a matching cape for my maid of honor.
Happy 26th Anniversary to my wonderful husband Bob!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More wardrobe additions

Now that I have a shirt pattern I like and a pants pattern that works well for me, I've started on some variations to add interest to my wardrobe.
One of my favorite sources for shirt inspiration has to be Pam Erny. She recently posted a new shirt design for a musician client of hers. I really liked the use of contrasting fabric on the placket, collar and cuffs, and decided to do the same for myself. I used the same pattern as for my uniform shirts, drafted with PatternMaster Boutique.
I've had a small piece of this red fabric in my stash for years; it wasn't enough to make anything out of but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. I was delighted to discover that it was just enough to do the contrasts on this shirt!
Front view:

Yes, the pants are new as well. More about those later.

Back view:

Now for the details.

Here you can see the contrast undercollar and the contrast inner collar stand.

Here you can see the cuff details, with the contrast placket and contrast inside cuff. I was really on the fence about doing the placket in the red fabric, until I saw Pam's Musician shirt, with the exact same configuration!
The under placket is also contrast, which I did by adding the strip of red fabric to the front of the folded placket, like an applique.
I must say, I really do like this style of shirt and will definitely be making more of them. The same goes for the pants. These are uniform pants, but I'm planning on making a pair out of non-green fabric sometime in the near future.
You can just barely see the loops I added to the pants all the way around; these aren't for a belt, but rather places to clip my inspection tools. I also added loops to the side seams, to hold flashlights.
I'd like to say that this arrangement worked out well, but I discovered that the flashlight had a tendency to swing out as I walk, and that could possibly damage something during a home inspection. So I'm going to experiment with making more of a sheath or sleeve for the flashlight that holds it closer to my leg but still allows me to get at it quickly and easily.
It feels wonderful to sew clothes that fit me well and are comfortable!