Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For my next project...

It's Musical time again at the high school my kids attended. Even though I no longer have a kid at the school, I still get involved with the theater program, helping out with costumes. In the past years, I've done costuming for Hairspray and DreamGirls, including both original costumes and endless alterations.
Lucky for me, this year's show is "Footloose," which is not nearly as costume-heavy as past productions. I only have four outfits to make: a tux for Ren, two prom dresses for Ariel (the part is double-cast), and a prom dress for Rusty.
Okay, confession time: I have never seen Footloose. Not the original, not the remake. I have seen clips, but not the whole show. I know; I'm culturally deprived. I was also at a disadvantage, because I didn't have any idea what the costumes were supposed to look like.
To the Googles!

I was lucky to find a blog post with pictures from a museum exhibit that had the actual costumes used in the remake (and which the director wants me to use as reference). So now I get to figure out how to copy the dress for two different actresses, and make that tux jacket.
(Speaking of which... Is there really any functional difference between a tuxedo jacket and a regular jacket, other than the contrasting shawl collar?)
I haven't been able to source any pictures of Rusty's prom dress, but I'm still looking. Unfortunately, the DVD won't be released until next month, which will be too late.
Yesterday I measured the actors for their costumes (which will be drafted with Wild Ginger software, of course). I've already got a muslin for the jacket printed out and hope to have it ready for a first fitting tomorrow.


  1. I've never seen Footloose either, LOL

  2. I think the collar is the only thing different on the jacket. Have fun!!

  3. Wow, Welmoed you are a glutton for punishment. At least that is what it would be for me. Glad someone feels like getting involved in those projects. Besides, you are a much better/more experienced sewist than I am! I hope to get there some day.


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