Monday, February 21, 2011

Auditioning Fabric: Too Much Scarlett?

Thanks, everyone, for the votes of confidence in the pattern choice. I drafted my first muslin yesterday and hope to print it out and test it tomorrow, since it looks like we'll be "enjoying" a snow day.

I went to JoAnns today to take advantage of their sales and buy fabric for the "Hairspray" costumes I'm doing for the local high school. While I was there I came across this tone-on-tone blue jacquard in the drapery section, and picked up two yards to audition for the Smithson gown.

It is not as subtle a tone-on-tone as I would have liked, but it's very close. Here it is held up against me:

Looking for honest opinions here: Done up in the pattern mentioned in my last post, would this fabric just scream "DRAPERIES!!"?
One thing this fabric has going for it is the price: I can get it on sale for about $8/yard. Considering I'll be needing 10 yards or so for the jacket and skirt, that makes it mighty tempting.
Share your thoughts!!


  1. IMO, there's a reason it was in the drapery department. ;) I think you need a smaller scale design.

  2. I love it! The Smithsonian event calls for a spectacular outfit--this will be a stunner!

  3. Love the pattern and your ideas but the fabric does bring to mind cushions or draperies to me- the color is great!

  4. Personally I think the print is too large. The color, however, is beautiful!!

  5. How about a closely fitted one shoulder and maybe with a flared hem or a bias cut lower piece for the flare? I don't presume to know the weight of the fabric but I think it would look nice.

    I am going to experiment with some IKEA prints for the coming summer in pants and skirts....taking home deco fabrics to the streets. Will have to test for colourfastness first though.


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