Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Tired!!

This afternoon I delivered the last of the costume work for "Hairspray." Here's the rundown:

From Scratch:

  • Two fat suits
  • Eight satin skirts for the Council girls
  • Eight white vinyl belts for the Council girls
  • One pleated plaid skirt for Tracy
  • One gaudy dress with maribou trim for Tracy
  • One gaudy dress with maribou trim for Edna
  • One muumuu for Edna
  • One ugly plaid dress for Edna
  • One glamorous red silk gown for Edna

Honestly, I lost count. I replaced about five zippers, shortened about six dresses, added sleeves to a dress for Tracy, turned a wrap skirt into a zippered skirt, and replaced several sets of hooks and eyes.

Sorry, no pictures yet... That will have to wait until the show pictures are posted. I didn't get any decent pictures of my own. Opening night is Friday, but I won't get to see the show until Saturday.

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