Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Embarrassment and resolve

I haven't been spending much time in the sewing room lately. Mostly it's because work around the house and my husband's business has kept me hopping. But it's also because my sewing room is just an unholy mess.


Don't believe me? Here's a picture of just the sewing table.

I can't see more than a few square inches of the surface. I haven't even stapled the canvas cover down. And I'm coming to the realization that one of the roadblocks to my sewing creativity is this mound of mess on the table. There is simply no room for me to lay out cloth and pattern and actually create anything.

The piles of fabric on the left are for window treatments for the house. Haven't started 'em.

The rolls of white are patterns printed out to be sewing into garments. Haven't started 'em.

So where do I go from here?

I'm going to declare the month of June as "Rebooting the Mojo" month. I'm going to write down all the projects I have rattling around in my head and assign them a spot on the calendar. While I certainly won't take care of the backlog in one month, I'm sure I will make a big dent in the stack.

The familiar demon will arise: "I paid good money for that, and can use it for... something!" Well, it's time to put that demon to rest.

I hope to post every day during June, with progress reports and (hopefully) pictures of projects that I have been able to complete. Any ideas, suggestions or encouragements are greatly appreciated!


  1. My sewing table often has "flat surface syndrome" -- it's clear, then it's covered, then it's clear, then -- well, you know (I can tell).

  2. I so (sew?) feel your pain. I'm in the midst of cleaning out my space from the ground up. Once again, I got sucked into starting a project before the cleaning was complete and now my room is a mess again. Looking forward to your daily posts. Hoping they will inspire me!

  3. This is such a familiar dilemma all throughout my house. Thanks for inspiring me to just keep chugging along at the process.

  4. You really do have the most terrific sewing room. I would love to have the space and light you have. It does have, as you've shown, its drawbacks to having the space. I have faith that you will get this space whipped into shape and useable.

  5. Have you considered just shutting the door and starting again in another room? Only joking, of course. Unfortunately it seems that creativity often creates mess - I know just how you feel about clearing the space but I usually find that what looks like an impossible task often doesn't take as long as I think it will .... once I make a start on it. Good luck!

  6. Go, Welmoed, go! After you said 'unholy mess,' I expected something awful, but then I saw the pic. That's not so bad! Once you get started, this will be fun and easy, I just know it. :) Looking forward to your next creation.


  7. I have that same demon in my head. Lemme know if you find a way to slay it!

  8. I was "sew" relieved when I saw your sewing room! You said that was a mess! I am doomed! My Dearly Beloved has a sneaky habit of - when he can't find a place to put something and he doesn't want to put it in the basement - he puts it on one of the many shelves that my wonderful son put up for me in my sew room. Then I go to clean it up and there is MORE stuff that doesn't belong there! Add that to the fact that I am disabled and my daughter moved away and I feel (like you) totally overwhelmed! Does anybody have any ideas? (No kidding of Dearly Beloved - took to long to find him)


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