Sunday, May 29, 2011

L'Amour Fou

(French for "Crazy Love")

I was in New York last week and got the chance to see this film at the Paris Theatre, next to the Plaza Hotel. It is a movie about Yves Saint-Laurent, his work and his relationship with his longtime partner Pierre Berge. While half of the film focuses on the auction of the art collection they amassed over their 40-year relationship, the other half was about the clothes. There was a lot about Saint-Laurent and his personal demons; he was incredibly young when he took over the House of Dior when Christian Dior died. Then he opened his own house (I think he was 27?) and the rest is history.

One of the funny stories in the movie is that Saint-Laurent created his iconic "Mondrian" dress because he had a deep desire to own a Mondrian painting but couldn't afford one.

Naturally, I wore my own Mondrian dress to the show.

A few people outside the theater asked to take my picture, which was enormously flattering! And even while walking from the subway to the theater, I got a few "Nice dress!" comments. Those really made my evening!


  1. Well, Of course!

  2. Your dress came out beautifully! I am blown away and have shared this post on my blog and on my Facebook feed. Thanks for visiting Couture Allure!


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