Sunday, May 22, 2011

Purse Sewing

I signed up for a swap on one of the blogs I follow, and my swap buddy and I decided to make each other a bag of some kind. It could be any kind of bag; I elected to make a handbag.

One of the members of my PatternMaster group brought in a bag she made using Simplicity 2676. I really liked the idea of a "base bag" with interchangeable outer covers. So I decided to make the bag for my swap buddy.

I did make one change to the pattern: rather than use the flap-and-snap closure as called for in the pattern, I substituted a zippered panel, using the same technique I developed for the Professional Tote.

The bag was very easy to construct; I'm going to have to make one for myself soon!

This shows the purse with its cover, fastened to the purse body with elastic over the buttons. You can make multiple covers for the base bag (which is solid black).

This shows the zipper panel closed. I really like this type of closure; it is much more secure than a simple tab and magnet, yet the zipper placket lays flat and out of the way when open.

Here the zipper placket is open, and you can easily see into the purse interior (and its integrated pockets!).

I hope my buddy likes her new purse!

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  1. I really like this bag and plan on making one for myself very soon.


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