Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Otakon 2011: Mom's Costume, full dress rehearsal

On Wednesday evening, I did a full "dress rehearsal" for my Otakon costume. I did full makeup, all the accessories, and had Bob take pictures.

Here's the costume:

Oh, wait... That's not right. He had the camera set on "black and white" mode. Here's the REAL picture:

Yep, I'm going as a "black and white" housewife, complete with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Here's a closeup:

The makeup isn't perfect (which is why I did a dress rehearsal!). The chocolate chip cookies are real; I bought a package at the grocery store, put them in my dehydrator for a day to get most of the excess moisture out, then sealed them with Mod Podge and painted them in gray tones. They're glued to the plate -- except for the one I keep in my apron pocket to offer to passers by.

The makeup is actually very comfortable; it doesn't itch, and doesn't rub off on my dress. The true test will come on Friday, when Diana and I get up early and get into our full makeup before leaving for Baltimore at about 8 in the morning. Ugh.


  1. Brilliant, Welmoed! Great pix!

    It reminds the time my DDs wanted witch makeup for Halloween, so I mixed some green food color into a bit of foundation makeup. I painted my girls' faces with it and added some gray eyeshadow all around their eyes and under their cheekbones. One of my dear friends, who knew them very well, said she'd almost had a heart attack when she saw them. Triumph, and much safer (for the girls) than masks!

  2. That is absolutely brilliant! Not all that many American movies come to Europe but this one did and I really liked it. :-)

  3. Wonderful job! Please take photos of you both at the convention.


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