Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Otakon 2011: Mom's Costume

Yay! My costume for Otakon is pretty much finished. I just have to add a few details to one of the accessories, and then I can focus on finishing Diana's.

Here's the dress by itself:

The style is very simple: just a fitted bodice and a full, gathered skirt. I've got the petticoat on under the dress, and it really does make the skirt stand out nicely.

This dress is incredibly comfortable; I will definitely be making more in this style. But I might change the sleeve; it either needs to be longer or shorter, so the cuff isn't in the way of my elbow.

Here's the dress with the apron:

So what, you ask, is my costume supposed to represent?

Hint #1: Look at the stockings.

Hint #2: Pleasantville.

I'll be doing a complete "dress rehearsal" tomorrow, and will post pictures of the full getup then!

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