Friday, August 26, 2011

Montgomery County Fair results

The Montgomery County Fair ended on August 20. All six items I entered received ribbons! Although I didn't do as well with some items as I would have liked, I'm still happy they all got something.

The Otakon dress was entered as a "day dress" rather than a costume (you're only allowed one entry per category). It received a fourth place ribbon.

The Smithson Gown was entered as a "formal ensemble" and got a third place ribbon.

Diana's "Ocean Goddess" Otakon costume got a third place ribbon.

The tie I made for Bob for his part of the Smithson gala outfit got a second place.

The vest I made for Bob got a first place ribbon!

And I am most proud of my entry in the Accessories department: the diaper bag I made for my neighbor. It took first place AND a Champion ribbon!

Next year I'm determined to enter more items. I had wanted to enter some of the things I made for Diana during the year but completely forgot to ask her to give them to me in time. Oh well! Just another excuse to make more stuff!

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  1. Congrats. Don't forget to put this exciting news in The Nimble Thimble!


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