Saturday, September 10, 2011

My sewing room has a floor!

Over the last few days I finally decided to knuckle down and tackle the mess that was threatening to overwhelm my sewing room. I'm not done yet, but much progress has been made.

Open floor! Space to move around! The only areas left to be tackled are the ones at the far left of this picture, where I have about 7 bins and boxes of fabric and "stuff" to be sorted out. Also, I need to go through all the bookcases and organize the books, binders and pattern boxes stored there.

Here's the view from the opposite corner:

I love the open space! I'm not tripping over anything anymore!

But here's the best improvement, and the one that took the most time:

This is a built-in bookcase original to the house. I love to organize things into plastic bins, but there wasn't a real "system" in place, and I ended up with duplicates, overstuffed bins and underutilized bins. Plus, there was no real way to corral the itty-bitty stuff like snaps, cord locks, zipper pulls and the like that would get lost in even the smaller boxes.

So I went through every single plastic box, sorting and purging as I went along, and then labeled every thing with my P-touch labeling machine (I love that thing!). I also found a nice-sized storage thing with little plastic drawers; you can see it on the far right of the top shelf. I have no idea what these things are called, but they're great for small parts!

So, I'm getting there. Once I've gone through and processed all the bins and boxes still lined up against the railing, and dealt with the bookcases, I'm sure I will feel much happier in the space, and that will translate to a whole lot of creativity!


  1. This is just awesome! Parts bins? Broom hanger? My eyes are not normally green ...

  2. Felicity from Down UnderSeptember 10, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    What a fabulous space. I'm too overawed to be jealous. I think!!

    I did chuckle about the plastic bins on the bookshelf, because I've had to resort to a very similar system (if on a considerably smaller scale). I've found that shoeboxes are not a bad substitute for some of the smaller things (unless, of course, they have shoes in them), so long as they're well labelled.

  3. I do so love your sewing space, wonderful all that space!!! I won't allow myself to feel jealous...just have to work with what I have. BUT if I had your space I wouldn't leave it for a second!



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