Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A One-Hour Pillow (whose hour took about 8 months to arrive)

This was supposed to be one of those quick, satisfying projects to whip up and get done.


The design is from Urban Threads, and was a freebie much earlier this year (it's now $7.00). I actually stitched it out within a day or so of its release, and intended to make it into a neck roll pillow. I set the embroidered fabric aside, along with the pillow form, and then... somehow... well, you know how it goes.

Finally, yesterday I got tired of the fabric laying there, mocking me every time I passed that corner of the workroom. It was dusty, but the beautiful embroidery was still just as lovely. I'm not sure what possessed me, but I snatched it up, shook it off, and proceeded to make the pillow. The hardest thing was resisting the urge to make it "perfect." The little voice in my head kept shrieking "Add cording!! Add ruffles!! Add something!!" But I just wanted it done, so it could become a useful item in my home, rather than yet another UFO in the workroom.

And, plain as it is, I actually like how it came out.

When my daughter and I were at the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend, I spotted a pillow that said "Queen of Unfinished Projects." I need to make that pillow... someday.

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  1. Your pillow is beautiful, I love the design.

    I need a queen of unfinished projects pillow as well, lol.


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