Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a New Project

Tomorrow will be a landmark Thanksgiving for Bob and me. It will be the first time in 22 years that we will not have one of our children with us. Our son is in Arizona finishing up his Senior year, and coming home for a long weekend is just too much of a hassle and expense. Our daughter is spending the weekend visiting her boyfriend. So it's just the two of us.

But not really. We tried to resurrect our "Orphan Family Thanksgiving" that we did a few times before, but didn't get any takers. But we were invited to join the fun at a friend's house, where we have been promised abundant food, fun and, perhaps, a Trivial Pursuit marathon (oh boy!).

The hostesses are a couple we have known for years. They're Wiccan, so I wanted to make them something that would be both meaningful and useful for them.

Hooray for Urban Threads! Their Wheel of the Year design was just what I wanted. I used it as the center design on a table runner.

It's really nothing fancy, but I hope they will like it. The main fabric is a "linen look" from my stash.

Urban Threads' designs stitch out so beautifully.

I added the "Blessed Be" to both ends of the runner. I created the design using Embird's Font Engine.

And, in case they ever just want to have a regular runner, the back side is a drapery fabric remnant from my stash.

I will be giving this to them tomorrow afternoon, as I acknowledge my good fortune in having a wonderful "chosen family" to spend Thanksgiving with.

May your feast be bountiful and your blessings be many!

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