Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some quick sewing for the Hubby

A few days ago, my husband Bob hurt his ankle. He had no idea how, but figured he'd sprained it. Today he decided it was hurting enough to warrant a trip to the urgent care center. Lo and behold, there's a broken bone. Now he's in a splint, and will see the orthopedist on Monday for a cast.
We keep our house pretty cool during the winter, and the splint is too big for any of his regular socks to fit over. So I fired up Wild Ginger's free accessory program, Wild Things!, and drafted a bootie that would fit over the splint. I cut it out of polar fleece, serged the two seams, and now his toes are nice and warm.
Sometimes it's the little projects that give the most satisfaction.

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  1. Wish I had thought to look there when I broke the metacarpi in my foot last year! grrr.


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