Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another show is over

"Footloose" had its closing performance on Sunday, March 25, and it was so much fun watching the show. After the bows, the director took to the stage to thank the many people who helped with the production, and I was one of them. The costume director said such nice things, I was blushing! And they even gave me a lovely gift. After we all left the stage, I said to her, "This is all a bribe so I'll come back next year, right?" She laughed and nodded!
The stars were understandably tired out, but were gracious enough to pose with me in their prom finery.

Many thanks to Dylan Thai, who was the official photographer for the show.

The one thing I realize is that none of the pictures I took showed the lovely paisley lining I put into the jacket! It did show up on stage, though, since at one point in the dance "Ariel" strips the jacket off "Ren" and twirls it inside out over her head! I'm glad I decided to baste the collar down onto the body of the jacket so there would be no shifting during the show!


  1. Really nice job on the costumes! I'm sure even with all the hard work your experience was a rewarding one.
    that is a really lovely picture of you.
    Dale (Sewhappy)

  2. So very cool!!! Doesn't it make you glad that you sew?



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